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doc icon DUGiDocs 2016 September Attenuation of pharmaceuticals and their transformation products in a wastewater treatment plant and its receiving river ecos Aymerich Blazquez, Ignasi ; Acu√Īa i Salazar, Vicen√ß ; Barcel√≥ i Culler√©s, Dami√† ; Garc√≠a-Gal√°n, Maria Jes√ļs ; Petrovińá, Mira ; Poch, Manuel ; Rodr√≠guez Mozaz, Sara ; Rodr√≠guez-Roda Layret, Ignasi ; Sabater, Sergi ; von Schiller, Daniel ; Corominas Tabares, Llu√≠s
doc icon DUGiDocs 2015 September 15 The difference between energy consumption and energy cost: Modelling energy tariff structures for water resource recovery facilities Aymerich Blazquez, Ignasi ; Rieger, L. ; Sobhani, R. ; Rosso, D. ; Corominas Tabares, Lluís
doc icon DUGiDocs 2014 September 15 Evaluation of process conditions triggering emissions of green-house gases from a biological wastewater treatment system Rodríguez-Caballero, Adrián ; Aymerich Blazquez, Ignasi ; Poch, Manuel ; Pijuan i Vilalta, Maite
doc icon DUGiDocs 2016 November 1 Generation of synthetic influent data to perform (micro)pollutant wastewater treatment modelling studies Snip, Laura J.P. ; Flores Alsina, Xavier ; Aymerich Blazquez, Ignasi ; Rodríguez Mozaz, Sara ; Barceló i Cullerés, Damià ; Plósz, B. G. ; Corominas Tabares, Lluís ; Rodríguez-Roda Layret, Ignasi ; Jeppsson, Ulf ; Gernaey, Krist V.
doc icon DUGiDocs 2019 January 22 Integrated assessment of wastewater treatment plants and their receiving river systems in a global change context Aymerich Blazquez, Ignasi
doc icon DUGiDocs 2015 March 5 Minimizing N2O emissions and carbon footprint on a full-scale activated sludge sequencing batch reactor Rodríguez-Caballero, Adrián ; Aymerich Blazquez, Ignasi ; Marques, Ricardo ; Poch, Manuel ; Pijuan i Vilalta, Maite