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media icon DUGiMedia 2022 May 6 Vigencia vs. validez Comanducci, Paolo
media icon DUGiMedia 2018 March 9 Villa y los desacuerdos interpretativos: ¿pueden ser genuinos y sin culpa? Moreso, Josep-Joan ; Dei Vecchi, Diego
media icon DUGiMedia 2011 May 27 Was the baby shaken? Evidence, expertise and legal epistemology in english criminal trials Roberts, Paul
media icon DUGiMedia 2015 January 24 Why asymmetric rules of procedure make it impossible to calculate a rationally warranted standard of proof Laudan, Larry
media icon DUGiMedia 2018 February 20 Why law and morality should converge? Tadros, Victor
media icon DUGiMedia 2016 October 28 Why Should I be responsible For My Negligent Act? Refuting the Sceptical View of Responsibility in Negligence Rodríguez Blanco, Verónica
media icon DUGiMedia 2020 February 28 A wrong personal to you Ripstein, Arthur
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