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media icon DUGiMedia 2020 December 17 The challenging issue of balancing tourism in the National Park and preserving the wild reindeer Bj√łrnstadhaugen, Ole Erik
media icon DUGiMedia 2014 March 12 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Tourism Colom, Neus
media icon DUGiMedia 2014 March 12 Sistemas de gestión ambiental Esteve i Traveset, Anna
media icon DUGiMedia 2014 March 11 Standards for responsible tourism and sustainable touristic building Gelabert Bautista, Adrià
media icon DUGiMedia 2022 March 9 Taula rodona: residents, senderistes i turistes Costa, Gerard ; Casadevall, Ivette ; Gussinyer, Òscar ; Rojas, Antonio
media icon DUGiMedia 2021 November 29 Viatges, ecologisme i contingut a les xarxes Unanue, Sergi