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doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 2013-2023: ten years of experimental, numerical and measurement developments with the vertex multiaxial test bench Castanié, Bruno ; Passieux, Jean-Charles ; Périé, Jean-Noel ; Bouvet, Christophe ; Serra, Joël
doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 CAI fatigue testing in CFRP: is the test representing what happens in real structures? Biagini, Davide ; Pascoe, John-Alan ; Alderliesten, René C.
doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 Compressive crack resistance analysis of unidirectional thermoplastic composites Danzi, F. ; Campos, P. ; Arteiro, A. ; Dalli, D. ; Furtado, C. ; Chevalier, J. ; Tavares, R. ; Lani, F. ; Camanho, Pedro Manuel Ponces Rodrigues de Castro
doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 Crack density growth of high temperature cross-ply laminates subjected to elevated temperatures Vivek Richards, Pakkam Gabriel ; Fernberg, Patrik ; Varna, Janis
doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 Experimental characterization and numerical modeling of damages induced by low-velocity impacts in recent composite materials Laurin, F. ; Chaibi, S. ; Rannou, J. ; Berthe, Julien ; Bouvet, Christophe ; Congourdeau, F.
doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 Microcracking of CFRP composites during cryogenic thermal cycling Huw, Edwards ; Galpin, Daniel ; Walls-Bruck, Marcus ; Kim, Byung-chul ; Dulieu-Barton, Janice M.