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doc icon DUGiDocs 2023 May 31 Accurate characterisation and modelling of the nonlinear bending behaviour of non-crimp fabrics for composite process simulations Broberg, Peter H. ; Lindgaard, Esben ; Krogh, Christian ; Thompson, Adam J. ; Belnoue, Jonathan P.-H. ; Hallett, Stephen R. ; Bak, Brian Lau Verndal
media icon DUGiMedia 2010 May 13 Anàlisi d’estructures de materials compòsits per la industria aeronàutica i aerospaial europea Trias Mansilla, Daniel
media icon DUGiMedia 2019 September 17 Composite materials applied in infraestractures: recycling strategies Paulotto, Carlo
media icon DUGiMedia 2019 September 17 Features of designing parts for composite 3D printing with continuous fibers Khaziev, Aleksey
media icon DUGiMedia 2019 September 17 The French ecosystem of biocomposite through 3 examples of collaborative projects Bourmaud, Alain
media icon DUGiMedia 2019 September 17 Roundtable and closing remarks of the New Trends in Composite Workshop Universitat de Girona. Campus Compòsits
media icon DUGiMedia 2011 March 10 Simulació de l’impacte en estructures de materials compostos de matriu polimèrica González Juan, Emilio Vicente
media icon DUGiMedia 2019 September 17 Welcome and opening of the "New Trends in Composite Workshop" CalbĂł Angrill, Josep ; Costa i Balanzat, Josep