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out url icon DUGiDocs 2023 July 7 Computational exploration and design of HHDH variants with novel synthetically useful functionalities Estévez-Gay, Miquel
out url icon DUGiDocs 2023 June 2 Computational strategies for understanding the molecular basis of biochemical and biocatalytic processes Calvó-Tusell, Carla
doc icon DUGiDocs 2021 February 12 Computational studies of the conformational landscape of allosteric and enantioselective enzymes María Solano, Miguel Ángel
out url icon DUGiDocs 2023 March 13 Elucidating the role of conformational dynamics of Aspergillus niger Monoamine oxidase towards enzymatic chiral amines synthesis Curado Carballada, Christian
doc icon DUGiDocs 2021 December 10 Enzymatic and bioinspired iron oxidation chemistry: a computational study D’Amore, Lorenzo