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out url icon Recercat Anàlisi de les dades del trànsit urbà amb sensors de superfície : el cas de Figueres : Figueres, Smart Traffic Luque i Carrillo, Federico
doc icon TDX 2003 November 27 Collaborative recommender agents based on case-based reasoning and trust Montaner Rigall, Miquel
doc icon DUGiDocs 2018 September 1 Desenvolupament d’una App de recomanació d’insulina Chica Martínez, Jesús
doc icon TDX 2010 November 10 Egalitarian behaviour in multi unit combinatorial auctions Murillo Espinar, Javier
doc icon DUGiDocs 2017 June Hyper and hypo glycaemia detection based on bag of words Berloso Clarà, Eduard
doc icon TDX 2008 November 17 A Multi-agent Architecture with Distributed Coordination for an Autonomous Robot Innocenti, Bianca
doc icon TDX 2014 April 25 Multi-attribute auctions: application to workflow management systems Pla Planas, Albert
doc icon TDX 2015 June 23 Optimisation methods meet the smart grid. New methods for solving location and allocation problems under the smart grid paradigm Torrent-Fontbona, Ferran
doc icon TDX 2013 November 15 Smarter urban planning through a citizen-based approach. The Smart urban planning method Marsal, Maria Lluïsa, 1974-