004 - Informàtica

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doc icon DUGiDocs 11 juliol 2008 Admission control schemes for TCP elastic traffic in class-based networks Fàbrega i Soler, Lluís
doc icon DUGiDocs 4 maig 2012 Advanced illumination and view-selection techniques for volume rendering and its application to medical imaging Ruiz Altisent, Marc
doc icon DUGiDocs 16 febrer 1998 An approach to coded structured light to obtain three dimensional information Salvi, Joaquim
doc icon DUGiDocs 13 juny 2016 An approach to melanoma classification exploiting polarization information Rastgoo, Mojdeh
doc icon DUGiDocs 25 novembre 2005 Assisted visual servoing by means of structured light Pagès Marco, Jordi
doc icon DUGiDocs 14 juny 2016 Automated brain tissue segmentation of magnetic resonance images in multiple sclerosis Valverde Valverde, Sergi
doc icon DUGiDocs 24 octubre 2014 Automated detection of new multiple sclerosis lesions in longitudinal brain magnetic resonance imaging Ganiler, Onur
doc icon DUGiDocs 1 juliol 2016 Automated methods on magnetic resonance brain imaging in multiple sclerosis Roura Perez, Eloy
doc icon DUGiDocs 27 maig 2011 Beyond trust. Using fuzzy contextual filters for reliability assessment in multi agent systems Acebo Peña, Esteve del
doc icon DUGiDocs 12 juliol 2004 Case based reasoning as an extension of fault dictionary methods for linear electronic analog circuits diagnosis Pous i Sabadí, Carles
doc icon DUGiDocs 24 juliol 2006 Catadioptric stereo based on structured light projection Orghidan, Radu
doc icon DUGiDocs 30 juliol 2007 Computationally reliable approaches of contractive MPC for discrete-time systems Wan, Jian
doc icon DUGiDocs 3 setembre 1998 Congestion probability routing in virtual path ATM network Fabregat Gesa, Ramon
doc icon DUGiDocs 11 abril 2013 Continuity and interpolation techniques for computer graphics González García, Francisco
doc icon DUGiDocs 18 juny 2004 Desenvolupament d’un sistema expert com a eina per a una millor gestió de la qualitat de les aigües fluvials Llorens i Ribes, Esther
doc icon DUGiDocs 21 abril 2015 Difusió i impacte de l’estandardització de la gestió de serveis de tecnologies de la informació amb ISO 20000 Cots, Santi
doc icon DUGiDocs 7 maig 2004 Dynamic management and restoration of virtual paths in broadband networks based on distributed software agents Vilà Talleda, Pere
doc icon DUGiDocs 29 juliol 2011 Efficient topology estimation for large scale optical mapping Elibol, Armagan
doc icon DUGiDocs 7 maig 2004 Enhanced fault recovery methods for protected traffic services in GMPLS networks Calle Ortega, Eusebi
doc icon DUGiDocs 16 juny 2008 A formalization for multi-agent decision support in cooperative environments. A framework for situated agents Ibarra Martínez, Salvador
doc icon DUGiDocs 31 octubre 2014 A geometric routing scheme in word-metric spaces for data networks Camelo Botero, Miguel Hernando
doc icon DUGiDocs 28 novembre 2014 Gràfic de control T2 de Hotelling per a dades composicionals Vives Mestres, Marina
doc icon DUGiDocs 26 juny 2007 Hand-held 3D-scanner for large surface registration Matabosch Geronès, Carles
doc icon DUGiDocs 29 gener 2016 High dynamic range content acquisition from multiple exposures Ramírez Orozco, Raissel
doc icon DUGiDocs 2 maig 2013 Image blending techniques and their application in underwater mosaicing Prados Gutiérrez, Ricard
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